Should you hire an agency or built in-house team for your Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing or social media marketing plays a vital role in business growth and its success in today’s digitalized environment. It is a very crucial and important aspect for businesses to decide whether to hire an in-house digital marketing team or an outside digital marketing agency to market their product or services effectively. A wise decision will always be surrounded by less costing and more profits.

There are different pros or merits and cons or demerits of both approaches i.e. internal marketing team and digital marketing agency. A brief of the same is mentioned below to support organizations in their decision-making to choose the best approach for digital marketing:


In-house digital marketing is related to assigning marketing tasks to the team of employees that are hired and trained by the organization itself. That means the organization doesn’t hire any third party services i.e. freelancing digital marketing services or services from digital marketing or social media agency. In SME’s, the in-house marketing concept can be beneficial initially as comparatively a small team is able to manage all marketing efforts.

Both concepts of digital marketing i.e. in-house team and social media agency have different Pros and Cons based on the requirement of the organization that is mentioned below:

Pros of in-house digital marketing:

  • Brand understanding: In-house digital marketers carry deep knowledge on different aspects of an organization i.e. vision, customers, values, competitive market, etc. So, they are proficient in creating content to match brand value by incorporating their vision.
  • Easy access: In-house digital marketing approach facilitates a much faster approval process in a content marketing campaign through easy access to different departments.
  • Better control: Another advantage of an in-house marketing team is to have much better control over the content generated by them. The team is much aware of designing strategy at the right time and can also monitor advertisements more effectively. Also, the accountability and supervision of digital marketing projects are comparatively easier.
  • More focus: The team can focus on projects more precisely and faster as there are no more projects from different other clients.

Cons of in-house digital marketing:

  • Budget or cost overloading: In-house digital marketing demands an increase in hiring cost and further on-going cost i.e. overall recruitment cost, salaries & other benefits, etc. Recruitment cost itself includes searching required talent from different paid resources, interview and selection process cost, training cost, etc. According to the latest statistics, the average salary of a content marketing manager is recorded as $66055 and it goes much higher side with experience. The salary of content marketing expert having experience of more than 20 years can go up to $85k as well. (source)

Apart from this, other operational and maintenance costs related to the team’s workplace and working requirements are also an additional cost. So hiring an in-house digital marketing team can be a costlier decision and additional financial burden.

  • Time-consuming and challenging: The hiring process is a bit time-consuming in an in-house digital marketing approach. Having a requirement of different team members i.e. social media marketing manager, coordinator, graphic designer, etc.; it takes much time to search, shortlist, interview and final selection of a skilled team.

Moreover, there is a big challenge in finding the right talent with appropriate skills in the market due to fast technological advancements and shortage of adequate skill set.

  • Constraints of capacity: As the organization grows, the in-house digital team requires more staff due to limited capacity to meet the increasing workload. This is again a costly, time-consuming task.
  • Managing employees: Employee management is also a challenging task for any organization as it involves attritions, performance issues, regularity issues, conflicts management, etc. The same challenges are there for the in-house digital marketing team and these can also have adverse effects on the productivity of staff and organization if not handled timely and properly.

Hiring services of a Digital Marketing Agency:

A digital marketing or social media agency works on different projects for different clients and consists of a whole team of experts carrying vast knowledge, skills, and experience in their respective domains.

Different pros and cons of these agencies are as under:


  • Cost-effective: Hiring a digital marketing agency offers cheaper services and more value of money by excluding additional costs of hiring, salaries & benefits, taxes, etc. As per stats, SMEs can hire services of these agencies on average cost ranges from $2500 to $12000 monthly in 2019. (source)
  • Better ROI: Digital marketing agencies
  • can offer higher ROI (Return on investment) as they carry expertise and experience of working on different projects for different industries and brands.
  • Meet expectations: The team of a Digital marketing agency is capable to come up with the expectations of their clients because they have vast expertise and adequate skills to handle all crux of content social media marketing and content development.
  • Creativity: Social media agency is capable of incorporating creative and fresh ideas in marketing projects of different clients due to carrying a diverse experience of working with a variety of clients. Thatswhy it can be termed as a creative agency as well.
  • Less control: These agencies don’t require much control or oversights and can work independently so that organizations are able to focus on their core areas.


Though hiring a social media agency comes with the above advantages but they do have certain limitations like:

  • Less understanding of culture: An agency can’t get involved with the organization’s culture like an in-house team initially. It’s a bit time consuming for these agencies to completely understand the different requirements of a business. However, it may be in the initial stage only and gradually the agency is able to understand the organization’s environment better.
  • Time constraint: Though digital marketing agency works with scheduled deadlines, they also need to work for different clients simultaneously. So, sometimes it’s a little challenge for the agency to provide all solutions to clients within the timeframe. However, finding an agency having an excellent record of delivering quality marketing projects promptly is the right solution.

Final thoughts:

To conclude, an organization should look for a final decision on in-house hiring or agency hiring for digital marketing of its business by keeping in mind above pros and cons of both approaches. A smart choice of hiring an in-house marketing expert to create digital marketing strategies and further outsourcing the implementation process to a digital marketing agency can be a cost-effective and result-oriented strategy.