10 Simple ways to keep your social media channels engaging

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Social media marketing is gaining popularity rapidly as the most important tool for digital marketing. It has emerged as an essential platform of online marketing for businesses especially for startups, SMEs in today’s digitalized business environment. So startup and SMEs need to have a strong and result-oriented social media and content marketing strategy. The social media content plays a vital role in formulating an effective social media strategy. In the absence of the right content ideas, it fails to provide the desired results. The right strategy can enhance brand awareness, customer acquisition, sales.

To cope up with the growing demand of customers or end-users of using social media platforms, small businesses and startups are required to formulate innovative, interesting, informative and value-added social media content ideas to engage with their audience consistently. The strength of content determines the effectiveness of social media marketing tactics.

So the need of the hour is to decide on what type of content should be there to engage the audience that is cost-effective, easy and can bring results as well. Below mentioned different easy and simple content ideas can facilitate startup, SMEs to maintain their social media channels engaged with their audience:

1. Social and Occasional Contest:

Posting Contests on social media platforms are one of the most effective content ideas to engage the audience and increase the customer base. This is a proven content marketing way that stimulates the interest of the audience in the products/ services of businesses. Contests generate more likes and comments from the audience than any other medium. Moreover, these are considered as a more powerful social media marketing strategy for launching new products.

A social, occasional competition can be organized on different social media channels in the form of a contest and comments, tagging friends that can be initiated from followers. For more effective results, prizes for winners can also be part of the same. These prizes can be in the form of gift vouchers or free of cost products of a business. These contests can consist of different activities for participants like tagging friends, to share a post, to tweet with a hashtag, etc.

For example, there was a big gateway or contest launched by Domino’s Pizza for its audience on the Instagram social media channel for superfans. $10000 cash prize was offered to the winner. Around 1000 entries of contestants were generated by the contest and they posted photos in proof of the reason they are superfans by using a hashtag i.e. #PieceofthePieContest.

Domino’s Pizza – #PieceofthePieContest

Domino’s Pizza Instagram

2. Suggestions and Question-answers:

Providing the audience a platform to ask queries or share their suggestions, ideas is another effective way of social media marketing to engage them. Answering the questions or queries of customers on a daily basis and also asking different questions create huge web traffic of the audience. Questions on social media channels inspired businesses for innovative content ideas and topics of interest to the audience.

To have a more engaged audience, questions can be in the form of polls as well. For example, McDonald’s used below poll related to product feedback to know what their most popular orders are:

3. Customer Testimonials:

The next important way of effective social media engagement is posting customer testimonials which are basically recommendations of products or services of a business by its customers. These are a wonderful tool to initiate a great interest in potential customers and also the existing ones in business offerings. It also helps in increasing brand reputation as customers express their trust in the brand’s offerings through testimonials in written or recorded audio/ video form. By collecting and posting different testimonials, customer stories, reviews or videos related to their experience and benefits of product/ service, a brand can enhance brand value and convert the audience into customers.

Moreover, short video testimonials of customers and live testimonials in different events can be more productive content ideas.

4. Behind the scenes:

Another valuable social media marketing idea is posting videos and images of behind-the-scenes of a business. This is one of the effective content ideas for startups and SMEs to engage their audience. By showing the hard work of employees and the workplace in the form of content, a brand can build a strong bond with customers. Different types of behind the scene contents give a lucrative advantage to businesses in customer engagement. For example:

  • Team building content is there to show teamwork of a team to customers.
  • To show the progress of a business, progress content helps in understanding the growth of the company.
  • Different fun type contents create a positive and emotional impact on customers.
  • Similarly, personal content shows that business is connected with customers.

For example, Mcdonalds celebrated the Dewali festival including different fun activities in its Ronald Mcdonalds charity house, Malaysia with NGO partners and RMH families. This shows the culture of the brand.

5. Industry fun facts:

Sharing random fun-related facts of a particular industry related to a brand is also an engaging content idea to engage social media channels with the audience.

The below post by Huskey Coffee shared on Twitter social media consists of fun fact of the discovery of coffee:

Husky Coffee‏ @huskycoffeewa Sep 29


Did you know?

Coffee was originally chewed. Legend has it that an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi first discovered the effects of coffee when he noticed that his goats began to “dance” after ingesting coffee berries.

6. Before and after:

One can find different transformed images or videos on social media of weight loss i.e. before and after photo. Similarly, sharing personal or business-related transformation content is also an important tool in engaging social media customers. Sharing can be before and after images of a brand’s website designing or improved branding, or any personal stuff as well.

7. Curate and share Content of others or third-party:

Sharing the contents of other people by adding value through content curation is also an effective way to increase more audience engagement. The third party’s relevant and innovative content promotion or sharing facilitates businesses in value-addition to their followers and also it shows that the business follows the latest trends and news of their industry.

8. Sharing statistics:

Social media marketing or content marketingcan be more effective by sharing content having interesting statistics or numbers as these are easily sharable on social media channels of businesses. Both types of posts i.e. text and image along with statistics can be beneficial in increasing more customer reach.

For example, Zomato has shown its business insights with Eat-O-Meter statistics:

9. Sharing an event summary:

Sharing a summary of different events organized or attended by a brand is also a great content ideafor engaging social media channels. It makes an impact on the audience by sharing through photos, videos, stories, keynotes of the speech given by guest speakers, etc. In fact, the upcoming events can also be highlighted in this.

10. Infographics sharing:

It’s a fact that the human mind reacts faster to visual information or communication. So sharing infographics, which are a type of content marketingallows businesses to represent complicated or detailed data into a visually appealing form for enhancing audience engagement. As per statistics published by the social media examiner of 2018, it is found that 80% of digital marketers are using visual images content in social media marketing (source). Any earlier written blog or survey by businesses can be part of infographics.

For example, Zomato has shared below infographics on Valentine’s Day: