Can your business survive without digital marketing?

In today’s era of digitalization, both consumers and businesses are leveraging the benefits of online presence for their requirements. Evolution of digital technology i.e. Internet, smartphones, social media, etc. has drastically changed the way consumers consume content. This has created a cut-throat competition between businesses to reach, retain and grow their consumers by effective digital marketing using various online channels i.e. websites, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), Google my business, e-mail marketing, content marketing, etc. Whether it’s a large enterprise or a Startup, digital marketing has evolved as the backbone of their marketing strategy and it demands every entrepreneur to be digital marketing savvy to survive in a competitive market.

Digital marketinghas various benefits that have changed the way businesses are marketing their products/services digitally and so has the utmost importance for the survival of businesses. The below mentioned such benefits along with the importance of different digital channels uncover the reasons why businesses including startup can’t survive without digital marketing:

1. Increases customer base by enhancing connectivity:

The digital presence of businesses has changed the buying pattern of consumers as today they mostly inclined towards the brands having a presence on the web. Digital marketing facilitates businesses in increasing their customers by easily reaching out to their target audience and also the audience can reach their products/services more conveniently.

2. Increases Brand Loyalty:

Businesses need to look for repeat business by retaining the customer base through increasing customer loyalty towards their brand. Digital marketing has significance in establishing a trustworthy bond between businesses and customers by using its different digital channels.

Through an online platform, customers are able to have direct communication with businesses and share their valuable feedback on products/ services. Also, their issues are rectified immediately on the social platform.

3. Enhances brand awareness:

Digital marketing facilitates startups and entrepreneurs to enhance the awareness of their brand by communicating with them effectively. Social media channel plays a vital role in this by targeting specific interests to increase brand awareness. Similarly, different other online channels of marketing like websites; are an effective tool for advertising that businesses are utilizing for selling their products and services.

4. Content development and trust-building:

Digital marketing channels like social media, email marketing, etc. are an easier, fast and cost-effective way to reach out to the customers to increase their awareness about different products/services of businesses. Using social media, e-mail marketing, and content marketing channels businesses can develop content, post different news or messages related to their business in order to build the trust factor and brand image among its customers.

5. Cost-effective marketing strategy:

Digital marketing is considered as most cost-effective strategy and due to this, it is considered as the best resource of marketing for startups and entrepreneurs who have limited resources or investment.

Below mentioned different digital channels play a significant role in the digital presence of businesses to gain the above advantages through digital marketing:

The Website is considered as one of the most powerful digital channels. Today most of the customers look for online information related to the company, its product/ services and websites play an important role in this. These offers 24/7 easy access to customers and required information of business offerings and also allow more customer traffic by posting valuable and fresh content. It helps in increasing customers and sales of businesses.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that includes website integration to achieve a favorable position on different search engines. Being integral to digital marketing, an SEO-friendly website is an essential element for a startup also to increase their potential customers by increasing visibility and accessibility. It helps in increasing the rank of website on search engines that ultimately leads to gain more audience and customers further.

Social Media: Social media platform is also an important aspect of digital marketing strategy. It has become essential for entrepreneurs and businesses especially startupsto market their products and services through different social media sites i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc in a cost-effective way as its free of cost to create business profiles on most of these sites. This allows them to increase target customers, brand awareness and promotion, sales, and gaining competitive advantage.

Google My Business: Another cost-effective and easy to use digital marketing channel to boost digital presence for entrepreneurs and startups is Google my business. This is a vital tool that allows managing a brand’s digital presence effectively across the Google platform using search and map options. The channel helps businesses by enhancing their visibility in search results and business listing information, initiating feedback in form of reviews from customers.

Email Marketing: One more dynamic and cost-effective tool of digital marketing is email marketing that helps startups and other entrepreneurs in engaging with target customers more precisely and acquiring new customers. Businesses can effectively promote their products/services by creating impressive emails for promotion. Email marketing increases brand loyalty, customer retention, and acquisition, sales, ROI of businesses by personalizing email messages, creating different segments of prospects for more specific messages, automating email systems,etc.

Content Marketing: An integral tool of digital marketing and the essence of different online channels is a content marketing strategy. Its importance lies in creating and providing different informative, relevant and consistent content for the purpose of retaining and attracting customers for businesses to influence their buying decisions. It provides the base for online promotion of businesses. Content marketing is benefitting startups and entrepreneurs as well by educating their potential customers in purchasing decisions, enhancing the online visibility of their businesses i.e. on social media and search engines, increasing web traffic by linking content throughout the web, etc.